Ice Hockey Safety

Former NHL Injury Analysis Consultant, Cdn. Olympic Hockey Team & Calgary Flames Physiotherapist Terry Kane offers his Bill of Rights on ice hockey player safety.

Bill of Rights on Ice Hockey Player Safety


“All players – at every level of participation – have the right to expect a safe playing environment and a culture that prioritizes their health and safety above everything else – including winning.


In the event a player is injured, they have the right to expect that they will be provided with the best available medical care  and return-to-play advice that prioritizes their long term health and safety above everything else – including winning.”  


“Every time a player is physically examined or treated by a physician, surgeon, specialist or member of a team’s medical or training staff – the player has the right to require a witness – of their choice – to be present in the same room for the entirety of the  examination or treatment.


Terry Kane


Terry Kane, Registered Physiotherapist (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Former Canadian Olympic Men’s Hockey Team Physiotherapist

Former Calgary Flames Physiotherapist

Former Injury Surveillance Consultant to NHL Injury Analysis Panel.


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